Regeneration Clinic Panama

We focus on improving your quality of life and well-being in a entire way, giving you a better alternative with positive results in short time.

Inside our clinic

Meet our team of professionals

You will get the best personalized attention from a highly qualified team.

Dr. Javier Garrido
Medical Director

In charge of evaluating the clinical history of patients, in order to design a protocol personalised to their needs.

Dr. Nicolás Peña Lucena
Laboratory Director

Responsible for administration, supervision, quality control and implementation of new technologies.

Karem Norris
Dr. Karem Norris
Scientific Advisor

PH.D in Biochemistry. Provides technical assistance plus laboratory and stem cell studies.

Kimberly McIntosh

In charge of cell culture and development within the laboratory.

Sigrid Villamil

Supervision and management of laboratory equipment, as well as ensuring compliance with administrative sanitary standards in the laboratory.

Gianna Caballero
Jefa de enfermería

She plans, organises and directs the nursing staff of our clinic.

Isabel Parada
Administrative Manager

She plan and optimise the activities of our clinic.

Diana Moscoso
Customer service

She provides care and information to our patients, resolving their doubts and accompanying them during the process prior to their treatment.

These are the reasons


We are certified by the national and international authorities.


We have advanced technology and a laboratory for our treatments and research processes.


We provide personalized assistance for all our patients, acording to their needs.

We care about you

Our priority is to seek a better quality of life for you and all our patients.

Professional team

We have qualified staff guaranteeing the best medical care.


We are constantly updating our stem cell studies and treatments.

Our certifications and memberships

International society for stem scell researchAmerican academy of anti-aging medicineInternational society of stem cell applicationInternational society Cell & Gene therapy

Where do our stem cellscome from ?

Our MSC come from umbilical cord tissue, which with prior consent, are voluntarily donated by patients who meet our selection criteria.

We care to obtain the best samples through different selection and screening processes.

Stem cells

Certifications for our laboratory


Our affiliates and partners

Regenerative medicine instituteGNQSortis Hotel & CasinoBeYou ClinicCellab S.A.

We have changed the lives of our patients

Currently we have helped more than 1,000 patients, achieving positive changes in their quality of life thanks to our treatments.

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